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Model No. : Cosmetic Industry Labeling Series (146)
  • Cosmetic Industry Labeling Series (146)

Besides of the basic and traditional labeling machines as well as many specialized or tailor made labeling and packaging machines for pharmaceutical industry UNIMAX GROUP also have designed and developed different special application types of labeling and packaging machines for cosmetics industry.

1. Self-adhesive Type Labeling Series:
- Cosmetic box corner labeling series.
- Cosmetic products temper-proof label labeling series.
- Cosmetic collapsible tube floating labeling series.
- Cosmetic collapsible tube cap security stripe labeling series.
- Single or double-side corner labeling series.
- Top and double-side corner labeling series for barcode label and temper-proof label.
- Square box 4-side wrap-around top labeling series.
- Oval shape vial top & wrap-around with position setting labeling system.
- Cosmetic box cylindrical bottle top and side wrap-around labeling series.

2. Self-adhesive Type Labeling with Paper Cardboard adhering Series:
- Cosmetic plastic box temper proof label corner labeling
   with paper cardboard hot melt glue adhering series.

3. Cosmetics Industry Assembly and Packaging Series:
- Cosmetic packaging components assembly and labeling series.

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»  Specifications:


»  Features:

•Servo motor control precision labeling system.
•Main machine structure made by aluminum alloy and stainless steel with anodizing treatment for
  rust free.
•Most series of machine equipped with programmable logic control (PLC) system with mini micro encoder.
•Most series of machine equipped with colorful HMI Touch Screen Monitor operation control system.
•With precision sensor detect and activating system.

* The brand names of products shown in the catalogue are the reference application to our
   manufacturing equipment only.

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