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Model No. : High-Tech Application Series 310C3 (133)
  • Multi-Pieces High Precision Labeling Series 310C3 for Memory Cards and Metal Sheets

■  Model310C3 

 • Suitable for High-Tech Application Memory Cards and Metal Sheets, etc.
 • Suitable for Multi-Pieces High Precision Labeling.
 • Product Example: Multi-Pieces SD Card Labeling.

»  Specifications:

♦ Machine Structure:
- Whole machine structure made by stainless steel parts and 6061 T6 aluminum alloy with anodizing treatment, rust free.

♦ Machine Operation:
- Labeling Precision: ± 0.3mm (On the basis of one flat surface & excluded tolerance of substance or mold).
- Machine Speed: Approx. 1,500 Pieces/Min.
- Labeling Speed: Approx. 33 Pieces/Tray/80 Sec.
- Label Size: Max. 50 x 50 MM.

♦ Function & Features:
- Machine Equipped with X-Table Linear Slider.
- Machine Equipped with Y-Table Linear Slider Position
- Machine Equipped with Combined Mold-Sets.
- 3-Lane Cards Paralleled Labeling. 
- Stepping Control Automatic Take-Up & Feeding System.
- Automatic Inserting into Mold-Sets and Position Setting
- Stepping Control Automatic Take-Off & Collecting System.
- 2-Step Position Setting System.
- Abnormity Eliminate Automatically (Excluded CCD).
- Equipped with Optical Fiber Sensor Detecting System.
- To be Connected with Front Process Automation and Integrated Control.

♦ Optional:
- Guard Door can be optional to be equipped.

»  Features:

♦ Control system:
* Twin-Axis Servo Motor Control Precision Labeling System.
* HMI Operation Control System:
   Inter-Faced Colorful Touch Screen Monitor.
* Programmable Logic ControlSystem: "MITSUIBISHI" PLC.

* The brand names of products shown in the catalogue are the reference application to our manufacturing equipment only.

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