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■ Labeling Sector » Pharmaceutical Industry
Model No. : Pharmaceutical Labeling Series 315-K3-PS-CPG-S4 (113)
  • Glucose Test Strips Vial Labeling Machine for Wrap-Around & Security Strip Label with IC Chip

♦ Application:

For Glucose Test Strip Vials

♦ Compound Type of Machine:
1). Vial Wrap-Around Labeling Sector
2). Security ㄇ-Shape Label Seal Top Labeling Sector
3). Automatic IC-Chip Feeding & Robot Taking Sector
4). Automatic Hot-Melt Gluing & Assembly Sector

* High  Precision Servo Motor Control Labeling System.
* IC-Chip Adhering system



»  Specifications:

 Compounded Operation Speed: 20~25 pcs/min
♦ Control System:
- Japan "MITSUBISHI" PLC Control System
- Inter-faced Colorful Touch Screen Monitor 
- Labeling System (Servo #1 & #2): 2 Sections of High Accuracy Japan "YASKAWA" Servo Motor Control System
- Main Converyor (Servo #3): Japan "YASKAWA" Servo Motor Driving & Control System 
- Wrap-Around Orientation & Position Setting  (Servo #4): Japan "Yaskawa" Servo Motor Position setting
 Control System
- Wrap-Around Labeling Sensor: German "SICK"
- Wrap-Around Product Detect Sensor: Japan "HOKUYO"
-  Position Setting Sensor: Japan "KEYENCE"
- Security Stripe Label Seal Labeling Sensor: Japan "KEYENCE"
- Security Stripe Label Seal Product Detecting Sensor: Japan  "HOKUYO"

♦ Optional I:
1) Disc Type Feeding System for Vial
2) Vial Disck Collecting System
3) Labeled Vial Return Conveyor wiht Over Flow Control System

♦ Optional II:
1) Coding System - "MARKEN" Smart Date 5 Advance

»  Features:

- Combined Wrap-Around Labeling & Top Labeling System
- Equipped with Orientation & Position Setting System
- Tamper Proof ㄇ-Shape Seal  Labeling System
- One Machine for 2 Sections of Labeling Application
- Automatic Chip Un-Scrambler Feeding System
- Automatic Chip Robot Assembly System
- Chip Automatic Hot-Melt Gluing System
- 3 Stations of Vial Clipping System
- 4 Sets of Servo Driving and Control System for Labeling  Position Setting Application

* The brand names of products shown in the catalogue are the reference application to our manufacturing equipment only.

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