■ Labeling Sector » Industrial Labeling Series (Self-Adhesive Type Labeling Types)
Model No. : General Labeling Machine Category (145)
  • General Labeling Machine Category (145)

Unimax Group manufactured wide range of General Self-adhesive Labeling Machine, which used comprehensivly for cylindrical bottles, rectangular bottles or any shape of containers whatever single side, double side or whole-around labeling. For example:

1. Flat Bottle Labeling Machine (speed: 0-150 pcs/min.)
- Single labeler
- Twin labeler
- Triple sides labeler
- Four sides wrap-around labeler

2. Cylindrical Bottle Front & Back Labeler

3. Cylindrical Bottle Labeling Machine (speed: 0-360 pcs/min.)
- For cylindrical products
- For cylindrical products with in-line top labeling
- For small cylindrical bottle wrap-around labeling (speed: 0-250 pcs/min.)
- For small cylindrical bottle wrap-around side-bottom labeling (speed: 0-250 pcs/min.)

4. Top Labeling Machine (speed: 0-220 pcs/min.)
- For products top labeling
- For products top labeling with vibrating feeder and fixture
- For products top corner labeling
- For sterilized water tank cap top labeling

5. Pick & Place Labeler (speed: 0-60 pcs/min.)
- Pressure sensitive top labeler
- Table type pressure sensitive top labeler

»  Features:
  • Whole machine structure made by stainless steel and 6061 T6 aluminum alloy with anodizing treatment, rust free
  • Equipped with MITSUBISHI super mini micro frequency encoder
  • Equipped with induction or optional stepping/servo motor as well as bottle conveyor and automatic central setting system
  • Stepless speed adjustment
  • With automatic tension controller
  • Excellent label dispensing device make label come out orderly
  • Unique and special design on operation, just like operating a stupid camera
  • Simple adjustment for changing the size of labeling
  • Ease on loading and unloading of label web
  • To incorporated with hot foil printer for date coding
  • With eliminator of motley waves equipped on sensor to guarantee the labeling and printing free from mistake
  • Progressive counting control
  • Any series of labeling machine can work either independently or connected with the other line for integrated production
  • Programmable controller for easy on line operation of conveyor speed, bottle separating speed, labeling speed and label dispensing speed

* The brand names of products shown in the catalogue are the reference application to our 
   manufacturing equipment only.

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