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The Well Considered Collecting of Labelled Egg Carton

Design Trend - 2018/3/1

An increasing number of customers who involved in egg farming and egg carton packaging are looking for easier collecting ways of egg carton when they are doing the egg carton labeling works.

UNIMAX GROUP always aims to provide expertise technology and new development to the egg farming and egg packaging industries, to help industrial enterprises having different types of solution for their labelling works application.

Instead of general stack-hopper type labeled egg carton collecting way UNIMAX GROUP also developed proactive measures to make the operator have easier, faster process for labeled egg carton collecting works. 

The newly manufactured types of egg carton labeling machine have equipped this type of alternative labelled egg carton collecting method for the customers. This proactive measure can let the operators no need to curved waist to collect the labeled egg carton from stack-hopper and just collect labelled egg cartons from output delivery conveyor. And then, the operator who responsible for packing labelled cartons can handle it easily.

Our aim is bring our knowledge, expertise, technology to ensure that our customers, especially in egg farming and egg packaging industries can benefit from our high quality and innovative development.


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