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■ Labeling Sector » Glue Apply Labeling Series
Model No. : Adhesive Applying Labeling Series (91)
  • Adhesive Applying Type Labeling Machine

 General Application:

Medical, Food, Chemical, Electronic, Hardware, Cosmetics, Auto Parts, Cassette, Bottle, Pipe, Container, Carton, and Unpacked Products
Circular, Cylinder, Sphere, Square, Triangle, Right-Revise Sides, Three-Side Bent Polygon, Plane, Convex, Concave Substances

■ Tailor Made Models:
1. Standard type.
2. Automatic feeding type with integrated control conveyor feeding system.
3. Flat substance with indexing feeding type.
4. Cylindrical substance wrap-around with indexing feeding type.
5. Cylindrical or small curve substance with indexing feeding type.
6. Flat / Cylindrical substance with stepping conveyor feeding with mold-sets type.
7. Oval shape substance wrap-around with servo control conveyor feeding with mold-sets type
8. Machine with hot melt glue labeling types.

»  Features:

♦ Advantages:

- This machine fits a continuous production line and connects other lines.
- Equipped with special vacuum pick-up device gives continuous control of the label to
   guarantee precision labeling.
- Special pneumatic and mechanical devices guarantee positive control of glue feeding without
   seepage and eliminate excess wiping-off as well as label inspection work
- Material of label such as plain varnished, lacquered paper of foil etc. can be used
- A changeover to any different labeling products can be made in approx. 15 minutes by one
   operator for general products
- Continuous operation at 50 to 80 labels per minute.

* The brand names of products shown in the catalogue are the reference application to our manufacturing equipment only.

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