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Model No. : Rolling Wrap-Around Labeling 500 Series (88)
  • Rolling Wrap-Around Labeling Machine

Considering the basic and general cylindrical labeling machines might more complicated for slim cylindrical substances UNIMAX GROUP has developed various specialized rolling wrap-around labeling machines to satisfy the different industries packaging requirement.

A). For General Products Wrap-Around Labeling Series

B). For Pharmaceutical Products Wrap-Around Series


»  Specifications:

♦ Model:
A). For Wrap-Around Labeling 
1. Automatic Lifting Feeding Rolling Wrap-Around Labeling

- Long narrow rigid substances such as penholders.

2. Automatic Star-wheel Feeding Rolling Wrap-Around
     Labeling Series:

- Long narrow hard cylindrical substances such as batteries, test tubes, etc.

3. Automatic Force-Feeding Rolling Wrap-Around Labeling Series:
- Long narrow semi-rigid cylindrical substances such as empty aluminum tubes.

4. Automatic Rolling Wrap-Around Labeling with Mold-Sets Series:
- Long narrow rigid cylindrical substances with irregular shape.

B). For Pharmaceutical Products Wrap-Around Series
 Automatic Rolling Wrap-Around Labeling with special designed rolling system:

- Cylindrical substances such as pharmaceutical vial with peaked type of cap.

2. Automatic Rolling Wrap-Around Labeling with Unscramble Automatic Feeding System:
- Cylindrical substances such as medical test tubes or vials.

»  Features:

♦ Main Machine Structure: 
Made by aluminum alloy and stainless steel with anodizing treatment for rust free.

♦ Control System:
• Servo motor control precision labeling system.
• Equipped with programmable logic control (PLC) system 
• Equipped with colorful HMI Touch Screen Monitor 
• Equipped with precision sensor detect and activating system.

* The brand names of products shown in the catalogue are the reference application to our manufacturing equipment only.

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