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Peel-Off Label, Cap Spill Tape Sealing, Heat Sealing Machine for 5 Gallons Drinking Water Bottle Cap
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Model No. : Assembly-Lining Machine with Heat Sealing-Labeling for Drinking Water Bottle Cap (37)
  • 5-Gallon Drinking Water Bottle Cap Automatic Cap-Liner-Plug Assembly-Sealing-Labeling Machine

-  For 5 Gallon Bottle Cap-Inner Plug-Liner Assembly & Plastic Film Seal Labeling

(A) Model: UAF-842-CPLS Series

■  5 Gallon Bottle Cap-Liner-Plug Assembly & Seal-Labeling 

• Cap / Closure to be Inserted with Liner and Inner Plug Assembly
• Aluminum-Liner or Paper-Liner or EPE Sponge-Liner
• Liner with Tab or without Tab to Be Selected

• Heat Sealing for Top Label
• Heat Seal Type Labeling

(B) Model: UAF-842-CS Series

■ 5 Gallon Bottle Cap Seal-Labeling

• Cap / Closure Heat Sealing Type Labeling

»  Specifications:

■ Models: 
-  Model UAF-842 Series capacity:   96 ~ 100 PCS/MIN
-  Model UAF-841 Series capacity:   40 ~   60 PCS/MIN

- Feeding Conveyor with Additional No-Cap Detecting
- Suck Caps Placing into Mold
- Mold Press-Cutting and First Sealing
- Equipped with Second Sealing System
- Counting and Automatic Discharge

♦ Equipped with Special Designed System:

  - Abnormal Products Reject System
  - Assembled Products Output Delivery Conveyor

  - Output Products Standing Conveyor for Double-Inspection

■ Different Models for One or Few Sections Only Also To Be Provided Under Discussion:
-  For Example: Model without liner assembly or model without inner plug assembly.  

»  Features:

• Caps / Liners / Plugs Feed Automatically
• Products Position-Setting Automatically with Mold-Sets System
• Liners Feeding Automatically by Stack-Hopper Magazine System 
• Liners Automatic Separating and Take-Off System
• PLC Programmable Logic Control System
• Inter-faced Colorful Touch Screen Monitor Control System (HMI)
• Liner Stack-Hopper Magazine Allowed Continuous Re-Fill Liners without Stopping Machine
• Caps Assembly Automatically
• Assembled Caps Automatic Take-Off & Discharge System

♦ Types:
  Type A): Cap-Liner-Inner Plug Assembly
  Type B): Cap-Liner Assembly without Inner Cap
  Type C): Cap-Inner Plug Assembly without Liner

♦ Optional Process Detect System:
  - Process Components Shortage Detect System
  - Process Components Abnormal Assembled Detect System

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